Monday, October 6, 2008

What? Holly did what?

Most authors are wordsmiths. Words are the main foundation of our craft, yet when it comes to promoting ourselves, many meet that dreaded writer's block.

The tag game going around reminded me of how hard it is to talk about myself. I've been tagged again, more than two more times. *laugh* I never thought anyone would consider me interesting enough to have more than six interesting things, and this will make the third or fourth time in a week. But everyone has at least 20 interesting things to share with others -- well, let me rephrase that to everyone has at least 20 interesting things. We're just programed to think no one, except maybe family and friends, would find us worthy of notice.

So why can't we talk about ourselves? Some people have no problem letting everyone know the utmost intimate items about themselves, but others have to learn how to promote their work, themselves.

I can promote other people and their works. One of my blogs is filled with entries extolling authors and illustrators. Yet, I feel self-conscious about writing about myself or my work. I have to force myself to gain attention, even if it may be due. I know I write well because I have worked at developing the talents I have. I'm still learning, trying to improve, but my writing and my ability to teach others exists.

Holly Jahangiri knows I'll market her and her book(s) and praise them to the sky. She also knows my lack of promotion skills for myself. So, what does she do? Holly nominated me for a Bloggers' Choice Award -- Wait! Not one, but two of the things. Then she tells me to start collecting votes. Holly, have you lost your mind?

Anyway, thanks for the honor of the nominations, Holly. The badges are "purty."

Okay, Holly.

She told me to ask everyone to go vote for my blog for the two categories in the right hand column. Clicking on the badges will take you to the places to vote.


Holly Jahangiri said...

Lost my mind? Huh? I'll let you know when I find it...

I mean, how can I know if it was lost, until I figure out where it is? Maybe I put it in my "safe place" and just forgot where that was?

I voted for you!! Yay! A Howitzer and a Stuffy! Wait...make that a Blogitzer and the Best Blog About Stuff!

Vivian Zabel said...

Maybe a howitzer might be more helpful with my stuffy. It might open up my poor stuffed head, maybe? Nothing else seems to be working.

Anyway, thanks for your confidence in my blog and your friendship.