Friday, January 30, 2009

Is there hope for a stay from the CPSIA?

"CPSC Grants One Year Stay of Testing and Certification Requirements for Certain Products" gives us hope that maybe wiser decisions are being made.

According to the report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, "a one year stay of enforcement for certain testing and certification requirements for manufacturers and importers of regulated products, including products intended for children 12 years old and younger. These requirements are part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which added certification and testing requirements for all products subject to CPSC standards or bans."

The report continues by stating, "The stay does not apply to:

* Four requirements for third-party testing and certification of certain children’s products subject to:
o The ban on lead in paint and other surface coatings effective for products made after December 21, 2008;
o The standards for full-size and non full-size cribs and pacifiers effective for products made after January 20, 2009;
o The ban on small parts effective for products made after February 15, 2009; and
o The limits on lead content of metal components of children’s jewelry effective for products made after March 23, 2009.
* Certification requirements applicable to ATV’s manufactured after April 13, 2009.
* Pre-CPSIA testing and certification requirements, including for: automatic residential garage door openers, bike helmets, candles with metal core wicks, lawnmowers, lighters, mattresses, and swimming pool slides; and
* Pool drain cover requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act."

Reading through the double-speak, we may have the hope that the one-year stay does apply to everything else, including books - which are not mentioned.

I hope; I hope; I hope we're safe, and that during the year's stay our legislators wake up completely and throw this poorly written law in the junk heap where it belongs.

Then perhaps saner heads can draft a law that really does protect where actually needed.



Rena said...

Oh, that's encouraging! I hope it all works out for the best. Thanks for the update, Vivian!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

That is good news, Vivian. Maybe someone finally woke up and things will turn out okay.


Katie Hines said...

Thanks for keeping on top of this, Vivian. I really appreciate today's post.

Vivian Zabel said...

A word of warning: This report does not mean the law is repealed, not at all. The law is still in effect. Enforcement is delayed for a year.

However, if anything sold by anyone after February 10 that is discovered to have limits of components outlawed, the seller will be penalized.

The wording says enforcement for testing is stayed (excepted for the listed items) for one year. After that year, the law could be put back in force as written.

We must remain diligent and stay informed. We should continue to notify our government when we disagree with their actions and why.

The law is still hanging over our heads. Beware.

Lea said...

Well hallelujah. Someone's watching over us.

Cheryl said...

You do realize you're talking about the government here and you just said "saner heads", right? LOL!

I'm sorry, but one just has to laugh to release the stress of stuff like this at times.

We need to keep a close eye on how this evolves over the next year.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I read about that last night! Good news for a lot of publishers - I know some who were prepared to simply dump their children's line of books.

L. Diane Wolfe

conarnold said...

This does sound very encouraging, and hopefully during that one year stay the legislators will come to their senses! Thanks for sharing this, Vivian, and the reminder to remain diligent.

Joy said...

This is great news and I hope it means what we hope it means, if that makes sense.

Joy Delgado
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Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on this hot topic. Maybe I won't trash this MG novel I'm working on after all....

Michael R. Hicks said...

Hi, Vivian! I just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my site about the post I'd made on this topic that erroneously indicated there was concern about lead in books. I am MORE than happy to be wrong about that, believe me! :)

Thanks again!