Thursday, January 8, 2009

Letter to President-elect Obama

I sent the following email to The Office of the President-elect.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

This law is poorly written and will harm many people, especially small businesses and people already suffering from the economic situation. The law does not apply to toys only, and not only to toys from outside the country. It targets the people in the U.S. already battered and suffering.

For example, books for children will have to be tested, an expensive process. Small presses will be put out of business. Large publishing houses are already in financial difficulties (of course the government will probably bail them out, while the small businesses are left to die). According the reciprocity part of the law, schools and libraries will have to pay to have books tested or destroy them.

Resale shops and charity organizations won't be able to sale or give clothing, shoes, or even books to people who rely on their services to survive.

People on fixed incomes, such as I on SS and teacher retirement which pays next to nothing, who try to provide for themselves and for others by starting a small business get no help from the government or anyone else. We don't need this poorly written law to help us drown faster.

The email may be simply deleted or deleted after a form reply is sent, but I've tried.

NOTE: Check the following URL: CPSIA Comments and Observations


Katie Hines said...

Good post, Vivian. Thanks for laying it out so clearly.

Rena said...

Thanks Vivian. I'd hate to see small publishers & companies go out of business. What a sad day it will be if the Salvation Army turns away things for the needy! As it is now, they already won't accept perfectly good carseats that people could use.

I hope they can amend this law.

Cecilia said...

Great letter. Thanks for posting it. You can also vote to have this issue presented to President-Elect Obama on Inauguration Day here:

Helen Ginger said...

Thank you Vivian for taking on this issue. That's a great letter. Keep us informed if you hear from anyone.

Stephen Macquignon said...

I don’t get it the Orphan bill to my knowledge has not been past it is still sitting on someone’s desk. But how did this even pass. Why were there no red flags? I know have been out of touch my head stuck in some project or another but.... well I’ll be sending letters to who ever needs to read them, taking time out of doing the art work to make sure there is another project to do.