Thursday, January 15, 2009

A tour for the Junior Geography Detective Squad

Coming to a state near you, the Junior Geography Detective Squad series (published by 4RV Publishing). Each stop will have a drawing for a map puzzle. Each person who leaves a comment is eligible.

The JGDS is traveling around the states to promote State of Wilderness and State of Quarries (hopefully with a release date in January). Follow us and see where the adventure takes you next.

Book Roast blog

MONDAY, JANUARY 19 - Visiting Montana on Martin Luther King, Jr's Day
Rena's multiply site and
Rena's blog - a cross posting but where comments will be collected for the drawing.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20 - Visiting New York
Donna McDine

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21 - Visiting New York and South Carolina
Katie Hines

THURSDAY, JANUARY 22 - Visiting Texas
Holly Jahangiri (Holly will also put up a challenge for commenters to leave an interesting, fun, or wacky fact about the state in which they live)

FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 - Up to Washington state
Susan Marlow

SATURDAY, JANUARY 24 - and down into Utah
John Hughes

SUNDAY, JANUARY 25 - Wrapping it up in South Carolina and Tennessee
Elysabeth Eldering and Aidana WillowRaven



Helen Ginger said...

So, there will eventually be 50 books, with each one focusing on a different state?

Vivian Zabel said...

That's correct. IF the CPSIA doesn't shut us down, Elysabeth will have 50 books out in the next few years. She has a life-time contract. *laugh*

elysabeth said...

lol - Lifetime for you or me? Actually the contract is for the next roughly 12+ years since Vivian is wanting to publish one book every 3 months. And again, like she said as long as the CPSIA gets repealed and reworked and doesn't shut us down, we will be good to go.

I want to encourage the readers to guess the state along with my characters. So the series is fun and educational all wrapped into one. E :)

Stephen Macquignon said...

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