Friday, February 6, 2009

Shari Lyle-Soffe to feature Prairie Dog Cowboy

On her blog next week, Shari Lyle-Soffe will feature children's books which can be used in schools. On February 11, Shari will host Prairie Dog Cowboy, my historical fiction for young teens.

I'm working on a study guide to go with Prairie Dog. Not only does the book deal with frontier life in No Man's Land, before and after it became the Oklahoma Panhandle, but it examines how a boy overcomes obstacles to become a young man. The academic areas covered in the book not only include history but also the importance of education, the need of family, and a bit of geography.

The book contains some pen and ink illustrations by Jordan M. Vinyard. One thing I discovered while teaching is reluctant readers are "turned off" by page after page of nothing but words. A few illustrations helps break up the frightening array of words.

Shari's blog post will unofficially start the virtual tour for Prairie Dog Cowboy, which officially begins February 15 and ends the 22nd. The book, published by 4RV Publishing, will visit 15 blogs during that time.

Please visit Shari Lyle-Soffe "Out of My Mind" About Books for Children on February 11 for her post about Prairie Dog Cowboy, then again February 12 for Shari's visit with Elysabeth Eldering and her book State of Wilderness.



Helen Ginger said...

Best of luck on your tour. I hope lots of people get to hear about the book and get to meet you, as well!

Helen Ginger

elysabeth said...

Nice posting. I'll make sure I visit all next week to see who all she is hosting for her themed week tour. I think it's great to be doing something different. Schedule will be posted next week on my blog - E :)