Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CPSIA update, sort of

I started a group on CPSIA - Central about the effect of the CPSIA on books, producers, sellers, users, schools, and libraries. Interest was greater than I expected, and today on Overlawyered, Walter Olson embedded a link to the OPSIA - Central group. "There’s also a page at cpsia-central (the Ning group) on books and libraries."

I'm not engaged in the trenches of this war any more because I've had to cut back on at least some of the stress in my life (my doctors -- primary and cardiologist -- insist I need to), but I still read and keep track of the battles being waged. The problem still exists and isn't improving. In fact, the scheduled hearing with small business owners to address the impact on them was canceled and is not going to be rescheduled.

The war against the CPSIA needs some media coverage from major newspapers, magazines, radio, and/or television stations. However, what little has been printed in most small papers downplays the seriousness of the problem. Why is the media essentially helping Waxman and company to cover up the damage this law has caused already and will continue to cause?

Books are being destroyed. Small toy businesses are closing their doors. Suppliers of home schooling material can't stay in business.

From Overlaywered: "Community Homestead is a center for developmentally disabled adults in rural Wisconsin that has sold residents’ handcraft toys." The community supports itself through the winter months by creating toys, and now the law will put countless independent businesses, particularly of hand crafted toys, out of business, including Community Homestead.

And the voice of reason continues to be gagged by the media and supporters of this poorly written and researched law.

Please keep fighting.



Anonymous said...

Hi Viv. I don't understand how they can do this to places that want to help others. I agree this is a great cause and should be defended.


Rena said...

The whole thing is stupid. I know people who create homeschool materials and they won't be able to stay in business.

Are all these Obama books for kids being tested, or are they slipping through the cracks of this stupid law?