Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Introducing Ransom Noble

Ransom Noble, what an unusual name, you say. Yes, and it belongs to an unusual young woman, one who doesn't know what her name should be or is. I didn't know what her name was for a few years, only knew her as Sheta, Storm, and a few other different handles.

Let me start at the beginning. For over seven years, I've been a member of Writing.Com, a community of writers and those who want to be writers. As I visited on scroll a couple of years ago, I "met" Sesheta, her user name, a member with multiple "handles."

4RV Publishing held a contest, the winning manuscript for a children's or young adult book would be published. Lo and behold, a young woman from Writing.Com won the competition, and I got to learn her legal name. However, she chose a plume de nom: Ransom Noble.

Finally, the new mother (yes, she has a new baby girl) has a new book. The baby arrived first by a few days. The Art of Science weaves together a young girl's desire to keep art in her life and her mother's insistence that academic subjects be first. A mixture of music, art, teen challenges, and science is the result.

I'm honored to begin the blog tour for Ransom and The Art of Science. May I introduce Ransom Noble, one of the new and exciting authors from 4RV Publishing.

Schedule for Blog Tour - The Art of Science

Beginning May 20, learn more about The Art of Science, a 4RV book with illustrations by Stephen Macquignon. The blog tour will introduce the book and probably give a bit more about the author.

May 20 – Vivian Zabel at Brain Cells and Bubble Wrap

May 21 – Jamie Eyberg at A Continuity of Parks

May 22 – Shanachie at Ramblings of a Confusted Writer’s Mind and Quill, Parchment, and Ink – Writings and Ramblings

May 23 – Karen at VBT - Writers on the Move

May 24 – Nancy Famolari at Nancy Famolari’s Place

May 25 – Crystalee Calderwood at Crystalee Calderwood, Writer and Poet

Ransom will be giving away one copy to a lucky winner drawn randomly from comments, so be sure to leave an email address for contact information.


Ransom Noble said...

Thanks, Vivian, for the long introduction. You're right, naming has been a long journey for me. I'm hoping I found one that fits with Ransom Noble.

I show off The Art of Science and my baby girl as 'the twins.' I'm hoping both will thrive!

Stephen said...

Always wondered about your name

Crystalee said...

It should also be noted that Ransom Noble is a great friend and mentor. I've been honored to learn from, and with, her as a fellow first time book author.

Amygdalia said...

Ransom Noble is a talented writer, and a great friend. Her YA novel, The Art of Science, is a wonderful glimpse into the life of a girl caught between her own passion and parental pressure.

Ransom Noble said...

I guess all you had to do is ask, Stephen.

Good to see you guys stop by!

Vivian Zabel said...

Glad the party started and went on without me. *laugh* I had to take my hubby to the Spine Hospital for an injection in his spine, had to be there before 8 A.M., just got home.

I'll be promoting the blog stop all day.

Stephen said...

I suppose you are right Ransom but guessing why is a bit more fun
LOL ;)
Congratulation on your baby girl!

Ransom Noble said...

Viv, this party sounds like lots more fun than the Spine Hospital. Hope the rest of your day is better.

Thanks, Stephen. I should make a discussion board somewhere to talk about all the ways I could have been named Ransom.

Crystalee said...

Ransom, that would make a great Q&A on Goodreads :-)

Vivian Zabel said...

Anything is more fun that the Spine Hospital. At least all I had to do was wait.

*sets out more virtual goodies for visitors*

Rena said...

Good luck with the book, Ransom. I hope I can add it to my collection soon.

Ransom Noble said...

Good idea, Crystalee. Glad you made it out of there, Viv. Thanks, Rena, and good luck to you! :-D

Joyce Anthony said...

Sounds like a great book, Ransom (love the name, btw)! I'm glad I got to "meet" you :-)

Ransom Noble said...

Thanks, Joyce! I hope people enjoy it. So far it's going well.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Congratulations, Ransom, on your baby daughter and your new book. It sounds like an interesting story. Best of luck with it.


Beth Bence Reinke said...

Congrats to Ransom and Stephen! Silly me, I thought Ransom Noble was your real name. LOL

Enjoy your new daughter. When they're wee little is such a special time.

Dawn Embers said...

Happy to see the book tour started. I almost feel special knowing the author's real name. ;-)

She is a great writer and mentor.

Ransom Noble said...

I don't think of myself as a mentor, but I am glad to help. Good to see you on the tour, Dawn.

Thanks, Beverly.

Well, Beth, I suppose Ransom Noble could be my name. It just depends on your definition of 'real', doesn't it?

Vivian Zabel said...

Let's just say Ransom Noble is a "real" writer/author.

It's about my bedtime, so whoever is last to leave the blog, please turn off the lights.

Ransom, I enjoyed posting the first stop in the virtual tour for The Art of Science. I'm sure the rest of the tour will be fun.

elysabeth said...

Great posting. A little insight to get it started. I have been feeling a bit ill and my computer has been feeling the effects as well - but I think I may have it fixed temporarily. We shall see. I'll make other stops as I can - E :)