Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Being Jacob: First Day of School hits the airwaves

Suzy Koch picked up copies of her book Being Jacob: First Day of School yesterday evening.

This morning as she drove with the radio filling the quietness, she heard Phil on Bob FM, 96.9 say his youngest son started to school today. She called the talk radio phone number and kept calling until she got through. By then she was parked in the radio station parking lot. She told Phil that she had something for him to go along with his son's first day of school and was leaving it with the receptionist.

Suzy left a copy of the book at the front of the station, and by the time she returned to her car and the radio, Phil was raving about the wonderful book Being Jacob: First Day of School, even mentioned 4RV Publishing. Thanks, Phil

Wow! What a way to promote your book, Suzy, a smart and creative way.



WillowRaven said...

Way to go Suz!

I wonder if that would work around here?

Holly Jahangiri said...

WTG, Suzy!!!

storylady said...

Great blog, on do's and don'ts of writing. I get confused on what is proper, and what is acceptable.