Monday, August 3, 2009

Guardian by Katie Hines will soon arrive

As the second part of the VBT Writers on the Move blog tour for August, I want to introduce Katie Hines' book Guardian.

First, let's learn a bit more about the author through her biography:

Katie Hines has been writing snippets here and there as long as she can remember. When in 8th grade, she wrote a short story called, “Underworld.” Then, in high school, she wrote several poems that were published in an anthology.

Marriage and raising two children contributed to putting away writing for a few years, but she came back to it while in her 40s. Since that time, she has been a contributing feature writer and columnist for a local newspaper, has written several features articles for another area newspaper, and wrote religious and humor articles for an online Catholic ezine.

Her short story, “My Name is Bib,” was published by the Loch Raven Review in October, 2008.

Finished with Guardian, Hines is currently working on another middle grade urban fantasy novel, as well as a couple of chapter books, and is extending “My Name is Bib” into a full young adult novel.


Now, we'll learn more about the book through the synopsis provided by Katie in her media kit.

Imagine you have made a secret promise that can lead you to the discovery of an incredible treasure and an ancient power. But in order to fulfill that promise, you must defeat an age-old sect that is determined to claim the treasure and power themselves.

Drew Newman is ready to tell his friends a secret, but two strangers burst on the scene, demanding an ancient, magical, book. He plummets into a world of uncertainty and fear as his home is invaded and he desperately tries to find the book.

Aided by the mysterious Jean-Paul, Drew’s search takes him and friends to Oak Island, Nova Scotia, where he continues his search. Joined with his Grandpa Ian and cousin, Zea, the tension ratches up when Drew is kidnapped and he encounters the head of a sect that wants the book, a magical talisman and a treasure, for themselves.

Sprinkled with magic, Guardian explores the commitment of a boy determined to fulfill his promise to his mother and claim an uncertain destiny.


Guardian will be available for advance ordering in about a month through 4RV Publishing.



Nancy Famolari said...

I love the cover of Katie's book. It sounds like an exciting read. I'm sure kids will love it.

Helen Ginger said...

The cover is certainly eye catching and will appeal to boys. That ought to draw in readers, plus it sounds like an action-packed story.

Straight From Hel

Gayle said...

Love your book's cover!

Gayle said...

Love your book's cover!

Dorothy Massey said...

I love the cover too and the story sounds fantastic. I love fantasy fiction, Dorothy Massey

kathy stemke said...

Great synopsis. The cover makes me want to read this book.

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

I agree, that's such a cool cover - I'm sure it will entice readers to see what's inside!

Great post!

Karen Cioffi

Helena Harper said...

The cover is certainly an eye-catcher and the story sounds like a great adventure. Congratulations, Katie.

Enjoyed this post very much.


Donna M. McDine said...

Katie: Can't wait to read your book. Best wishes for the launch and your continued success!

Donna M. McDine
Marketing Manager, SFC Magazine
SFC: Families Matter Blog
SFC Magazine Website

Lea said...

Katie, are you going to continue writing for this genre? Love your cover.

Heather said...

Interesting interview, Vivian.

Guardian sounds like a really good book, LOVE the book cover! Looks like a bestseller to me!

Heather Paye

Vivian Zabel said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by.