Friday, May 21, 2010

Asking for help - for others

I've never liked asking anyone for anything for any reason. I had to hold out my hand for financial help for my speech and debate teams, no matter which school I coached, and did not enjoy the job.

However, here I am again, calling businesses for help. Oh, not for myself, but for a football team that lost so much this year.

Little Axe school was hit by as many as three vortexes May 10. The football team and coaches left shortly before the storm hit, destroying the field, all the practice equipment, the stands, even leaving gashes across the field itself. The coaches' office and the field house were damaged enough that they will be bulldozed. Part of the middle school had also been damaged.

The team has continued its spring practices midst the destruction. How demoralizing that has to be. Some of the players not only lost their field and equipment, but also their homes.

A couple of the coaches had a idea: providing a bit of hope by giving the team a cookout after their last practice before summer, next Friday, May 28.

I've been calling businesses in the Norman area. A few have given, but most found a variety of ways to say no. I'm sure they have been hit by many requests, and this one may seem less important than others. However, I understand the need to give that team some glimmer of light.

If anyone knows of any business in the Norman, Oklahoma area (or Oklahoma City area) that would help, please let me know. A couple of individuals have sent money donations, not large, but everything helps.

Yes, I hate to ask for things, but I believe these players and their coaches need to know that people do understand and want to give them at least a symbolic boost.

Who knows how they'll be able to play games next season or where, but they need to know that people care now.

Donations to date (Mary 24)

meat and buns for hamburgers
hot dog buns, packets of condiments, paper products
$35 in money
$20 in merchandise from a grocery store

Still needed

cans of pop
or funds to buy these



Angelica Weatherby said...

Ouch victimized by a tornado. =( I don't know of any but I do want to at least give some type of support.

Vivian Zabel said...

Thanks. I have had several want to give a donation of a small amount. I tell everyone, every little bit helps.

If people really want to give a small donation toward the food for the team, it can be sent through PayPal to me at I'm sending everything on to the coaches.