Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beware - huge vent below

I had complete knee replacement surgery July 23. I thought I'd be well on the road to recovery in two or three weeks at the longest. Ha! The trauma of the surgery caused flares of RA, Lupus, and fybro. Not good.

I spent a week in the hospital (can't recommend McBride Orthopedic Hospital enough), with special commendation to Dr. Tom Tkach, the best surgeon in his field.

Then I spent over five weeks at Grace Living Center in Edmond, Oklahoma for rehab. All most all the staffs were great and very caring. The therapists at both locations were top of the line. I want to send special thanks to Diane, Paula, Jennifer, Jeremy, LaDonna, Bart, Alma, Catlin, and so many more who made my stay comfortable and successful.

I'm still under home health care with Companion Home Health Care. Both the physical therapist and occupational therapist are caring and helpful. I've seen a nurse one time, but I'm told I'm supposed to have one assigned to me. Of course, unless she's able to work miracles, don't know what a nurse could actually do for me. *laugh*

Robert and I need help that we can't find. Of course if we had sat on our rears and lived off welfare and off the rest of society rather than worked and pulled our own weight all those many years, we would have more "help" than we could use. But, no, we worked, paid taxes, took care of ourselves and our family. Now, because no deductions are made for any medical expenses and eligibility is based on gross income, we are not eligible for any help. Hmmm, what wrong with that picture? I guess we could ask the church for help, but I'm not sure that would help. Prayer is good and does make a difference, but prayer has yet to help with housework or repairing a roof. Our family is spread all over the place, long distances away, and have problems of their own.

Guess we could allow the house to deteriorate to the point we could be on one of those reality shows. Of course once the roof falls down around us, the city will declare the house unfit, and we'll have to leave and live on the streets. Ahhhhh ... then maybe we could get some help. No, our income would remain the same, as would the house payment.

Sorry, I didn't mean to vent, but something is wrong when people who have contributed to society all their lives can't get help when needed. I know we aren't the only ones in this position. Now if we had taken money from millions of people, cheating them, spending the money on several mansions and other non-necessities, the government would bail us out. But we're the fall-through-the-cracks folks. One thing about it, we have lots of company.

The first of the year, our Medicare and supplement benefits (already too expensive and not enough) will be cut, and premiums will probably be raised. Medicare premiums and supplement premiums already take half our monthly income, never mind that prescription co-payments take most of the rest. Of course once benefits are cut and premiums raised, we won't be able to afford prescriptions and won't have to pay co-pays. Wonder how long we'll live after that?

I really didn't expect any change for the better after the last election, but a part of me still hoped. Guess I should be glad Robert nor I need dialysis. After January 1, medicare won't pay for dialysis until the patient has paid for treatments for thirteen months. Sounds like a death sentence to me, unless the patient is extremely wealthy and can pay the tab. Maybe that's the idea.

Vent over for now. The frustration and aggravation and hopelessness will continue, I'm sure. I know miracles do happen, but ...


Dawn Embers said...


That is pretty messed up. I think a lot of the government systems have problems. I remember back when I wasn't working, I applied for some aid (not unemployment but some other stuff). I couldn't apply for food stamps when I was unemployed because I was going to school. They required students work part time to get food stamps.

Hard to believe the ones that work hard to support themselves are the ones that can't get help when they really need it.

Patricia Stoltey said...

You know, I keep hearing these stories about knee replacement surgery and believe I'll put it off as many more years as I can. I hope you're on the path to recovery now.

As for the Medicare stuff, my mind is boggled that so many people still think the health care bill was a good thing. All I know is, people our age better do everything possible to stay healthy. There are too darned many "surprises" hidden in that bill.


Vivian Zabel said...

Every time I turn around, I discover more of those "surprises." I'm becoming more afraid all the time.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That just sucks. We are such a welfare state now. Those of who try to do something with ur lives and contribute, but never hit that top 1%, get screwed.