Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a life

I sit here, a dish of tamale casserole for lunch by my elbow. I look around and see the many blessings that surround me.

Let's start with the yummy casserole which my husband baked last night. He may have a limited menu, but he's enlarging it all the time. He and I take turns cooking for each other. Not many men, especially men with his possible excuses, would be the help he is.

Which leads me to one of my greatest blessings: Robert, my husband of nearly 49 years. Up toward the top of the list, close to him, are three children, each with his or her own personality and talents.

Rene is a marvelous musician and song writer, attending college to get that degree and a member of the dean's honor roll, and she's the mother of five of my grandchildren. She wrapped her daddy and me around her finger minutes after she was born. We treasure the CDs of her music.

Robert, Jr. "Bob" is well named. He has many of his father's qualities, including the ability to work with his hands. Of course he uses his mental ability and talents he developed as a child through adulthood in his job, but he still likes to build things. His artistic talent is amazing, and one of his paintings hangs in my living room. He and his wife Brenda brought two beautiful granddaughters into the family.

Randel "Randy" could be anything he wished to be and chose to mix intelligence with athletics to be a teacher and coach. He can sing, write music, and play the guitar. He can teach and show young people how to play football, basketball, and baseball. With his wife Janelle, he provided three grandsons to carry on the family name. My "baby boy" is a big man, and not only physically.

Of course, our 10 grandchildren are blessings beyond compare, as are our great-grandchildren. God has been good.

I may complain about my "new" knee, since sometimes it gives me problems, but I'm thankful that I can walk.

I may struggle at times physically, but Saturday, with the help of my good friend Jacque, I'll be taking books to the Oklahoma Book and Author Showcase in Tulsa. I hope many people come visit, and maybe even buy some books.

No matter how discouraged I may be, or how bad things may seem, life could be much worse. God is good.


Connie Arnold said...

Thank you for your positive, affirming, thankful post, Vivian. Some people dwell on the troubles in their lives and are miserable, but focusing on the blessings of life brings joy in spite of difficulties. You certainly have some wonderful blessings in your life.

Sun Singer said...

Ah, the "good stuff" trumps the "bad stuff."


Holly Jahangiri said...

What an encouraging post, and good to read, Vivian. I ache for you when you ache, but a am glad from my head to my toes when I think of the relationship you have with Robert. I'm so happy I got to meet him and talk with him earlier in the year.

I know that your children and grandchildren bring you joy. I wish they lived closer, but it's a blessing that you are so proud of them all, and that you all try to be together when you can.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

God is good!
And I'm blessed my husband is an excellent cook.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post Vivian. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.