Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 4 - Stolen tour - Holly Jahangiri & Nita Beshear

Today we can visit two blogs on the Stolen virtual book tour: Holly Jahangiri and Nita Beshear. One asked questions that made me dig deep into myself, and the other quilted an attractive post.

The first three days were plagued with difficulties: post wouldn't post; comments wouldn't appear for a while; and finally no one could post a comment because the webmaster wouldn't allow any comments unless they were approved by the webmaster. Ish. But the hosts did a good job of preparing for the tour stop, and I appreciate their work. Technology, though, isn't always as dependable as the three human hosts were.

Tomorrow the tour continues with  Caroline Clemmons.

Please stop by some of the blog posts. One contest is for the hosts -- the one with the most visitors who leave comments wins an autographed ARC of Stolen.

The book is available through the 4RV Publishing Book Store, with a 10% discount at checkout until Christmas. It will be found through bookstores, Amazon, and B&N online soon.


Anonymous said...

Vivian, I'm still getting caught up on my blog reading, so I will get caught up on your blog tour stops. I'm sorry to hear that there have been so many challenges along the way. I do want to say that the stops I've made on the tour have all been wonderful, in spite of the challenges. I hope things have gotten easier, and much less challenging for your blog tour. Have a great day!

Vivian Zabel said...

Thanks, Susanne. Hit a new challenge today, no post has appeared yet.

Reminds me of life. *laugh*