Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another disadvantage to being a military brat

With my father in the Air Force, I saw much of the world, traveled a lot, and moved constantly. I made friends all over, many who passed through my life never to be seen or known about again.

However, I graduated from Limestone High School, Limestone, Maine, a very, very long way from home. Our 50th anniversary is this summer, but I can't attend. I live too far away. Traveling is expensive. I'll be recovering from surgery.

Oh, if the travel was possible, I'd delay surgery until after the reunion, but Social Security and teacher retirement doesn't allow much wiggle room for things like traveling several thousand miles for high school graduation reunions. 

Yes, there were some advantages to being an Air Force brat, and many disadvantages, but knowing I can't attend my class' 50th reunion is difficult. After all, I'll never be able to experience it, ever. Who would have thought that something that affected me all those years ago would do so again?

All right, class of '61, take lots of photos to share with me. Tell everyone hello from me. Write me all the details. Know that I would love to be with you. 


Ginger*:) said...

I wasn't a military brat, but my dad was in the food industry and wholesale sales. We moved a lot too. After I married into the AirForce we moved more. But still as I count only 14 moves in my life, I am fine with having met so many wonderful people. The down side is not being able to get really close to too many outside my family. The internet helps me connect with many I cannot see in person and seems to shrink the world a bit.

I think all the moves you have had, and all the varied experiences you have shared with others are what make you so good with people. And then, too, you are a teacher.

I think you should send pictures and books to the reunion in your place. I know your friends would be so proud of you.

Vivian Zabel said...

What a wonderful idea, Ginger. I'll have to contact Phyllis and set things up.