Sunday, February 27, 2011

Schedule changed

I was going to blog about the new 4RV Publishing catalog, but as so often happens in life, my plans were changed -- do to a death in the family.

Why do we humans think we can plan our destinies? I had the week all mapped out the way I thought it should go. Then, a phone call changes everything and makes my thoughts so unimportant.

My youngest child's wife's parents and my husband and I are close friends. In fact, we became one combined family when my son married their daughter. Their son passed away this morning, but the losers are those left with empty spots in their lives and hearts: parents, sister, nephews, brother-in-law, friends, and other family members.

The lesson is life is short and can end without warning. We don't know when we'll say goodbye or if we'll have the opportunity to do so. The last time I saw Jerrald, a little over a week ago, he seemed happy and relaxed. He visited and joked -- left a wonderful picture to remember. He now is free of the wheel chair and limitations of a body that no longer worked. Yes, he's in a better place without pain and discomfort.

Goodbye, Jerrald. Dance all over heaven.


Stephanie Grace said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Viv, and the same to all of those who loved him. (((Hugs)))

Vivian Zabel said...

Thanks, Steph, but his sister, parents, and nephews really need comfort. I hope those who pray will remember them in a special way.

Anonymous said...

I will remember the family in my prayers.

The Hermit said...

Sorry to hear that hon. Big hugs and will keep you and family in my thoughts. xox

Joan Y. Edwards said...

Very sorry for you and your family's loss.

4RV Publishing said...

Thank you, all. Now, I need to try to keep up with two blogs, the newsletter and this one.