Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three important happenings in October

          Since October is the 4th birthday/anniversary for 4RV Publishing, the Eastern Oklahoma Author Fest, and the month the company begins its Christmas Sale, I want to publicize the month. Let's look at each important event during the month.

          The Eastern Oklahoma Author Fest, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, was help the 8th. Jacque Graham, Jim Laughter, and I represented the company.

          We had three tables, two right inside the doors and one at a right angle to the table to the left of the sign.

            October 2007, 4RV Publishing became a registered company. In the four years, we've been in business, we have released 62 books, everything from children's picture books to middle grade and young adult books to novels to nonfiction. We have many excellent authors, illustrators, and editors. I'll do a post about those people who have made 4RV the success it is later.

          Also, in October, the company begins its Christmas Sale. All books found on the online bookstore is discounted more than 10% each. Sale prices include shipping, handling, and taxes. To do easy shopping go to the 4RV Bookstore. The sale lasts until December 5.       


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Stephen Macquignon said...

Ill post the 10% sale on my blog this week