Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas begins with music

        For me, the Christmas season begins after Thanksgiving, not before, not during, but after. I want a chance to give thanks before I begin enjoying the season of giving and receiving, and I don't mean just presents, but gifts of love, sharing, and God's mercy.

      Music best sums up the Christmas season for me. The glorious melodies and words that make my eyes tear and my heart swell. I keep a CD of Christmas Music with Strings and play it over and over as I work at the computer. Some of the selections I know and sing along. Others I allow to flow over my mind. 

    I signed up for the Advent scripture newsletter from Today was the first day of Advent, and I read the scripture before I went to church. Starts the day and season very well. We sang some Christmas songs at church and had the lighting of the Shepherd's candle. Now, I want to hear more music. 

       The season between Thanksgiving and Christmas holds sad memories for me and my family, but the music helps heal the pain. No, the sadness is not erased, but it is eased. 

        Joy to the World, the Lord has come on that marvelous Silent Night. May the music of Christmas sooth and bless you, too.


Rena said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season, Vivian. I too, don't get into Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. We just got our tree up today, but the rest will be put up over the week. Enjoy your music. My favorite is Carol of the Bells. In fact, I collect different versions of that song. I never tire of it.

James Writers said...

Great post. Have a blessed Christmas.

Jean & Mary