Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas, the Season of Sorrow, the Season of Joy

          Christmas, for many, means a time of sorrow. Perhaps it's the first Christmas without a loved one, or they lost someone around the holiday. Perhaps the family doesn't have funds to feed or clothe their children, much less provide a gift or two. Some people may be far from home and family, such as our military or others who are estranged whether through their own actions or not. Whatever the reason, Christmas means sadness and loneliness for those people.

          I can "hear" people wondering what do I know about the subject, how could I begin to understand? I can and I do.

          In a few days, the birthday of my youngest will arrive. A day later the day of her death. Both happened just a few days before Christmas, my favorite time of the year. My father passed away Christmas night, alone. My grandmother left us right after Christmas. My mother's death came shortly before Christmas. My family is scattered all over the place, and/or are spread across other branches of their growing families. We have little in the way of income, a greater amount of outgo. We do have a roof over our heads, barely, but with help, the patches hold. Neither my husband nor I are in good health. Ha! We'd be happy to be in fair health.

          So, yes, we have reasons to dread the Christmas season, to find it a time of sorrow. However, and this is the important point, we have reason for joy.

          I'll always have a bit of a hole in my heart for my infant daughter, lost so long ago, but she has a home in Heaven and a grandmother with her. I know they are enjoying being together, all three: the baby, my mother, and her mother. What a marvelous Christmas season they have each year.

          No, I've not had my family all together in over twenty years, maybe longer, and some day I pray we will be without it being a funeral. However, I know where everyone is, where for over thirteen years I didn't know if one grandson and one granddaughter even lived.

          My health and Robert's physical conditions are far from being good or near comfortable, but we're still alive and able to do some of the things we enjoy. Robert is alive and not badly injured after escaping a fire that destroyed his van and nearly new power chair. We can't replace that wonderful chair, but friends provided one that works.

          We have food to put on the table, even if we can't provide fancy-wrapped gifts. We can give tokens of our love to grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and we always give them our love.

          Most of all, Christmas is a season of joy because God sent His Son as a baby, giving us hope and love and the peace that passes all understanding.

          Merry Christmas. May the Peace and Joy of the season flood your hearts and lives.


Vada and Joe said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Christmas. I, too, have a hard time at Christmas. Admittedly, not as many things have happened to me as you. Christmas was Mama's favorite time of the year and her last in 2004 was one she barely remembered before her passing. May God's Peace and Joy surround you this Christmas.

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing what must be extremely emotional for you putting out to share with everyone.

Wishing you well this holiday season.

4RV Publishing said...

Living with sorrows isn't easy, but if we really examine our lives, we can find much joy (even happiness) to counter what hurts. said...

Thanks for sharing--and also for trusting God's love and plan for us gets us through. Your post is a lovely reminder of that Promise.

4RV Publishing said...

I can't imagine the hopelessness of not having that faith.

devotedtoquilting said...

A moving and thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing both your sorrows and your joys. Amy said it well, and she's right, your post is a reminder of God's promise to us. Merry Christmas and quilted blessings, Nita