Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4RV nominations & standings for P & E - ends 10th

     The following, with links, are the nominations for the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll from 4RV Publishing. I've tried to scan all the categories to find 4RV nominations. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I'd been nominated in the Author division. I would appreciate any votes. I added the current standings of each nomination in parentheses after the link and will update daily. The poll ends January 10 (I thought it was the 9th).

  Author - Vivian Zabel  (2nd  3rd) 

  Print Book and e Publishing - 4RV Publishing (6th)

  Romantic novel - The Joke's on Me by Laurie Boris (3rd)   

  Science Fiction - Time Pullers by Horton Deakins (3rd  4th)   

  Children's - Walking Through Walls by Karen Cioffi  (1st)
     Gunther the Underwater Elephant by Ginger Nielson  (8th)

   Other Novels - Sparrow Alone on the Housetop by Jean 
                                           James and Mary James  (1st)

                      Aldric & Annaliese  by Harry Gilleland  (8th 9th)

   Book/ebook cover artwork - Strangers in the Stable by  
       Aidana WillowRaven
  (6th 5th)  

   Artist - Aidana WillowRaven  
     We would appreciate any and all votes. The polls close January 10. Also, votes only count one per category (if you vote again, previous votes are deleted), and voters need to finish the process for votes to count. Many will flood votes the last day.
     Yes, this is mainly a popularity contest, but placing in the top ten or taking first is still an honor.


Melanie said...

I've voted, FB'd, Tweeted and have enlisted the help of my friends at loveahappyending who are also promoting, voting and what else needs done. Hope it helps.

4RV Publishing said...

Melanie, all that would have to help. Thanks.

Phyllis said...

I voted and will continue to encourage others to as well! :)

4RV Publishing said...


Holly Jahangiri said...

Congratulations to all who won or placed! It's nice to see 4RV and so many of its authors up there in the top ranks every year.