Monday, November 26, 2012

A few family photos -- Thanksgiving weekend

Ryan, grandson, Randy and Janelle's oldest

          We had Thanksgiving dinner with our son Randy and his wife, Janelle. Janelle's parents, Jackie and Merrietta Miller, were there, as were her aunt, Lynette, and uncle, Dale. Of course our three grandsons from that branch also were present: Ryan, in his second year at the University of Tulsa; Colby, a junior at Crossings High School; and Shane, a sophomore at Crossings. Our other son Bob was there from Colorado.  However I forgot my camera and so took no pictures.

Granddaughter Macayla, Haylee, and David Romines
Jarrod and granddaughter Keri Smith

          Last night, Sunday, we had dinner with Randy, Janelle, their three boys, Bob, our granddaughter Macayla and her family and granddaughter Keri and her husband, Jarrod. I had my camera and took a few pictures.

Haylee Rose Romines - great-granddaughter

         Haylee, Macayla and David's three-year-old, climbed on the sofa beside me, and we had a great visit. She informed me she likes pink: dark pink, light pink, and almost white pink.

Grandson Shane, sophomore in high school

          As usual, Shane was on the computer. He spends more time playing games on the computer than anything I know. Well, unless he's on the football field, but if he could find a way to do both, he would. 


            Bob brought his service dog, Barney with him. Barney looks more like a small pony, but he's a labroduddle (not sure how to spell that).

Grandchildren Keri and Colby

          Bob, Keri, Kurtis, Shane, Ryan, and Colby set up a table to play some board game. Randy, Jarrod, David, Robert, Macayla, Haylee, and I visited and watched football in the living room. Janelle did for a while before going to the bed room. She wasn't feeling very well and lost her voice.  

Great-grandson Kurtis, almost 14

Ryan and Kurtis playing the game in the media room

          I missed seeing great-grandchildren Katie, Emma, and Ethan. However, I'm thankful for the family members I did see and got to hug. Haylee told me she would tell Katie and Emma that Granny loves them. I wish daughter Rene and the rest of her family could have been here over Thanksgiving. West Virgina and Florida are just sooooo far away.

          Hope we can all get together during Christmas break. I'm so thankful God gave me such a wonderful family, and I'm grateful every time I get to spend time with any of them.    


Rena and Denny said...

Great pictures. I love seeing family getting out the board games. :)

4RV Publishing said...

The "new" board games lose me.