Friday, November 9, 2012

I like my Kindle Fire - not just for books

This isn't my version of Kindle Fire, but I sill like

          I'm finding more and more to like about my Kindle Fire. No, I don't ready many books on it, but I can send documents from my computer to it for proofing and see the doc in a book-type format. Wow, I can find more problem areas than even printed on plain paper. Then someone (can't remember whom) told me her/his Nook allowed notes to be taken on items downloaded. I tried on my Kindle, and I can make notes in the docs, no longer have to jot notes on paper. I can then take my Kindle to the computer and make changes using the notes embedded in the Kindle copy of the document. Oh, what a great tool for an author, editor, publisher.
         Let me share a couple of recent experiences. One, I sent my manuscript through Chapter 24 to my Kindle Fire (which is super easy once customer service helped me set things up). I began reading. Every time I found a problem, I held the stylus on a word until a black window with white text appeared, giving the definition of that word, but under the definition are three choices: Note, Highlight, and Search. I hold the stylus on Note, and a space to write appears with the keyboard. I type in my note about that section, click on save, and the word is highlighted and a little icon is left by the word. Now, I know when I go through the doc I have something to change, add, or rework. 
          Two, the art director sent a PDF proof of a children's book. I sent it to my Kindle and was able to see the book on the screen in book form. I could then tell if text could be read easily, etc.  

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