Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing, Editing, and Struggling

   I entered four items in the OWFI (Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc) competition this year: an unpublished historical novel, a children's book, and two poems in unrhymed short and long categories. I often enter more items, but with business and health issues, I did well to have those.

     I must write more on my historical novel Embers of Evil. I need to polish and prune and add and delete. However, feeling like sitting at the computer more than an hour at two at a time doesn't give much time for all I need to do while there. However, I must do my writing as well as other people's editing.

     Yes, I also edit manuscripts for 4RV and for others. Plus I proof read books that are ready to send to the printer. I've discovered that if I don't, too many problems places remain. Hmmm ... sounds like life.

     I'm technologically challenged, as those who know me realize too well. When we changed to U-Verse, the wireless connection to my wireless printer/scanner/printer was lost. I need to find a way to reconnect, but ... as I said, I'm technologically challenged. 

     I can't blame not accomplishing what is needed on running around or being away from home. Without a vehicle, I am home bound big time. I know that some day my van shall return, just not sure when. 

     I am grateful for the help I've received, more than words can say. Now, if I can pull myself together and find a way to wade through writing, editing, and struggling. As usual, praying for divine help.


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Rena and Denny said...

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done — or at least what we think we need to do!

I hope you're feeling better!