Sunday, June 9, 2013

A special writing contest hosted by Pen and Keyboard Writers

     I'm a member of a site for writers, Writing.Com, which  has an interesting writing contest, writing a story in dialogue only, started by Holly Jahangiri. The contest has passed through several hands over the years, but it still stimulates writing good dialect. I used that contest as the basis of a discussion for Pen and Keyboard Writers, the group I've been with for about 7 or 8 years and which is an affiliate of OWFI (Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. with members all over the world).

      The result of the presentation and discussion of writing dialogue: The group decided to host a writing contest. Entries are to be written in dialogue only. Cash prizes are available for first, second, and third places. The three places plus one honorable mention will be printed/posted on the writing group website and on its Facebook page.

        The rules are as follows:

Writing in Dialogue Competition
Hosted by Pen and Keyboard Writers
(an affiliate of OWFI – Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.)

1.      Only one entry per person

2.      Entry must consist of only dialogue or internal monologue (thoughts in italics).

3.      Entry should be a short story with conflict and resolution.

4.      Entry must not exceed 750 words and not include erotica.

5.      Include word count after the end of the story, 3-4 empty lines after last line
6.      Entry must be double spaced, 1” margins all around, typed in Times New Roman 12 font or equivalent 

7.      Contestant’s name, full address, phone number, and preferred email address needed in upper right hand corner of first page. This part can be single spaced.

8.      Title, name of contestant, and page number needed in one line on top of pages after first page.

9.      Entry is to be sent as a Word document attachment to Only electronic entries accepted.

NOTE: Grammar, spelling, and correct punctuation are absolutely essential for top rated stories. This contest is about craftsmanship. As a side note, your judges are patently biased towards stories with some kind of conflict and some kind of resolution.

Deadline:  August 15, midnight CDT.

Winners will be announced September 15, 2013 on the Pen and Keyboard Writers website: and the Pen and Keyboard Writers Facebook page.

Prizes:  1st place - $20              2nd place - $10             3rd place - $5
All winning entries plus an honorable mention will be posted on the website and Facebook page.
     Ready to try your hand at writing a story in dialogue only? Not only would entering give you a chance at winning, but writing the entry will give you an opportunity to improve your writing of dialogue.

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