Friday, June 26, 2015

Post Script 1: Dealing with Grief and Sorrow

     I'm involved in a grief recovery program sponsored by Crossroads Hospice, the people who cared for Robert. I'll share what I learned when I finish and am able. Much of what I've learned so far is different from current thinking about grief and reovery.

     One thing I decided on my own is to find a notebook/journal to use for writing my memories of Robert. I'll not worry about writing those memories in a chronological order. I will just write them as they pop into my memory. I may share some; I might not. I simply feel I must make note of memories before they disappear. I have so many. 

     I would like for others to share their memories of him with me, too. I have some that were read during the funeral, memories from a few friends and several relatives.  Adding to the list of memories from others would be interesting and help keep Robert "alive."

     In time, I'll return to blogging about other topics. In fact I'll cover some bits and pieces with my next post.



Holly Jahangiri said...

My memories of Robert all involve mischievous, twinkling, clear blue eyes. I only met him briefly, but he could tell a tale and was clearly still smitten with you after all those years.

Vivian Zabel said...

Thank you, Holly. I added your comments to my journal as from you.

By the way, do you know how I can put my posts about grief recovery in order, not in reverse order as they are?

Holly Jahangiri said...

Not really, but you could do a wrap up post that serves as a chronological table of contents, with links to all of them, in order.