Friday, October 24, 2008

Adjusted Midnight Tour schedule

Sometimes life plays tricks, sometimes dirty tricks, and our plans must change or adjust. This is the situation with the Midnight virtual tour which starts Monday. One of the hosts had to drop out because of something beyond her control, an injured husband. So the schedule is now adjusted, the tour will go on.

The changed Midnight Tour Schedule is as follows:

Oct. 26 Holly Jahangiri

Oct. 27 Brian L. Porter
Lee Lofland, The Graveyard Shift

Oct. 28 Joyce Anthony

Oct. 29 Elysabeth Eldering
Joyce Anthony

Oct. 30 Joyce Anthony
Jean Henry Mead

Oct. 31 Aidana WillowRaven
Joyce Anthony

Nov. 1 Crystalee Calderwood

Nov. 2 Vivian Zabel - Vivian's Site and Brain Cells & Bubble Wrap
Midnight Tour wrap up.

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