Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prairie Dog Cowboy arrives

My juvenile book Prairie Dog Cowboy is ready. I have the first copy in hand, and the book should be available other places in the next week. It's available for ordering now from the 4RV Bookstore.

Although his mother says he’ll never be able do anything but work with his back, Buddy Roberts wants to be a cowboy. From the time he’s four-years old, he herds his father’s cows and calves on foot even in winter.

Neighbor rancher Caleb Hyman is impressed with Buddy. He wonders why the child works hard while his older brother, Jake, is doted on and spoiled. But, Caleb can see the man that Buddy will become, encourages him, and teaches him to rope. Once Buddy can rope a prairie dog, Caleb promises he'll give the boy a job on his ranch. Not an easy thing to do, but Buddy works hard to reach his appointed goal.

Prairie Dog Cowboy is a testament of a time when life was hard, but people weren't afraid of hard work. The day-to-day occurrences represented are an accurate telling of the time, history that should not be lost.

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Heather Paye said...

A Trokle toy is something that my little brother and little sister would love to have! I look forward to seeing it, hopefully!