Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trockle toy coming

Trockle may be in a toy department near you before next Christmas, maybe.

A prototype is being made of the lovable little monster and will soon be ready. Once it's finished and passes inspection of publisher, author, and illustrator, I will start searching for a manufacturer that will give us a good deal and produce a lovable stuffed Trockle.

The prototype first produced was cute, but too "flat." The designer showed me the body of the new version, and I hugged it. Just right. Soft, cuddly, and going to be cute. I can hardly wait to see the finished model. He even has a stuffed worm to match the toy in the book.

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Rena said...

Good luck with this project, Vivian. I bet he's going to be just as adorable as Jordan's drawings.