Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Midnight Tour continues

Wednesday will have two blog stops: Elysabeth Eldering's blog and the second stop with Joyce Anthony.

I hope several people stop by and leave comments. Remember about the contest for the $25 gift certificate; leave a comment and/or buy a copy of the book and send an email to president@4rvpublishingllc.com with the correct answer to the question, "What times does Midnight meet Martin on the online game site."

A comment on each blog equals an entry for each blog stop. Purchasing a copy of Midnight Hours from the 4RV Bookstore or directly from the author equals another 15 entries, IF the entries have been validated with the needed email answer.

The blog tour lasts only four more days after Wednesday.

Come join us for the fun. Midnight herself has shown up a few times.

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