Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Need for bubble wrap

Life goes on, one breath at a time. Need some brain cells to help me figure out how to beat asthma or lots of bubble wrap to survive it. I've heard that heart attack is the silent killer, but asthma must be the loud one. *cough* *cough* *cough* Someone please remove this elephant off my chest.

However, a breathing treatment helps, and if need be, I can take steriods, where other problems might not be as manageable. So, I need to count my blessings and not whimper so much.

I've had friends who suffered through cancer and the difficult treatments involved. Some survived; some didn't. I've been blessed. I've had loved one suffer heart attacks and stokes. My husband is in a power chair. My heart is in good shape, and with careful managing of my diabetes, a stroke isn't as likely as for some people. I can still walk, even if not far or well. Yes, I am thankful.

The homeless haven't roofs over their heads or often no food. I have a roof, even if it leaks at times, and perhaps too much food. Many reasons to be grateful. ... continue

Some people don't have family or friends, no one or few who care. I have a husband I've known for 47 years, and who will celebrate our 47th anniversary with me in February. I have three children whom I love and who love me. Ten grandchildren and four (a fifth on the way) great-grandchildren really think Granny is just great. I have many online friends and reality based friends, five are exceptionally close. I am more than blessed.

I try to count those blessings when I'm feeling low or a bit neglected or not very well. Then I can face what comes and continue on my way -- wrapped in loving bubble wrap.