Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog tour winners

I used a virtual dice device on Writing.Com to find the winners of the four 4RV bags. First I assigned numbers to each person who left a comment; some people had more than one number because they let a comment on more than one blog. Over 80 numbers were assigned.

I've sent emails to all four and will mail the bags as soon as I receive addresses.

And the winners are:

From Rena Jones' blog - Adrienne Saldivar

Commenting on several blogs but the winning number from Ransom Noble's blog - Suzy Koch

Another commenter on more than one blog but with the number from Holly Jahangiri's blog winning - Morgan Mandel

Also with comments on many blogs, but winning with the number assigned her on Beverly Stowe McClure's blog - Charlotte Phillips

Thank you, all tour hosts, and thank you, all who visited and left comments.



Rena said...

Cool! I just emailed you Adrienne's addy.

Vivian Zabel said...

Adrienne is the only winner who left a comment on only one blog.

Thanks for hosting the tour, Rena. Hopefully before too much longer, we'll be hosting your tour.

Helen Ginger said...

Hey, I don't remember seeing that new logo - the 4RV with the books. I like it!

Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks for picking me as one of the winners!!

I also love your new logo. It's very snazzy.

Morgan Mandel