Sunday, April 5, 2009

Helping authors & illustrators promote

One of the things we at 4RV Publishing try to do is to help our authors and illustrators set up blogs and websites, musts for promotion.

This evening, I'm helping Linda Asato with her blog, Linda's Writing Desk on blogger. Her children's book should be out in about six weeks, if the illustrator Ryan Shaw can manage to finish the illustrations. Since he wasn't in on the project from the beginning, he's playing catch up. However his cover art is great, as people can see.

Next, Linda will soon have her website,Linda's Writing Web,if not tonight, then tomorrow or the next day. She's trying not to be overwhelmed by all these technical needs in order to be a published author.

Ryan already has his blog and website, a combination site: Ryan Shaw Illustrations.



Rena said...

Cool -- off to check out Linda's site!

Helen Ginger said...

The cover is cool. Congrats to Linda.

And to you as well, Vivian.


Anonymous said...

Great interview Viv. AS a lover of mystery, I like to read every one I can get my hands on.
I like the cover on Jordan's book.