Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Los Angeles Festival of Books and 4RV

The LA Times/UCLA book festival was held on the UCLA campus April 25 & 26. None of the authors from 4RV Publishing could participate, but some of our books and handout materials were present. Bookmarks, brochures, and other items were placed in bags and passed out by volunteers.

Christine Alexanians managed the Authors' Coop booth. Special thanks go to her and to Carolyn Howard-Johnson for allowing us to be represented.

Our books and materials were displayed in one book case. On the next to top shelf were some of the brochures we sent with Confessions of a Former Rock Queen by Kirk Bjornsgaard and Midnight Hours by Vivian Gilbert Zabel. (hmm ... that last name seems familiar. *laugh*)

This photo shows both shelves with 4RV books and materials, with books by Carolyn in between.

The bottom of the 4RV shelves displayed Trockle by Holly Jahangiri and Jordan Vinyard, brochures, post cards, and bookmarks, as well as State of Wilderness by Elysabeth Eldering and Aidana WillowRaven, Bubba & Giganto by Lea Schizas, Colors by Dana Warren and Stephen Macguignon, Angeline Jellybean by Crystalee Calderwood and Stephen, and Lion in the Living Room by Caelaach McKinna and A. R. Stone.

Perhaps next year, if the Authors' Coop has a booth, we may have at least two authors who can personally participate.



Rena said...

40+ years in SoCA and now I'm up here in MT -- typical. LOL! At least some of 4RV's books were featured.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

This is exciting to see 4RV books here. I hope it results in many sales and recognition.

Anonymous said...

Hi Viv. I bet you had a lot of fun at the book festival. I would be in heaven looking at all the good books.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Vivian, it was lovely featuring your books and, of course, Holly's "Trockle" at the LA Times Festival of Books. It was a great Southern California day and your participation helped make it even better.

By the way, this fair attracts 135,000 plus visitors and is the nation's premier fair in terms of size, attractions (name authors) and crowds, as far as I'm concerned (and I've been to lots of them!) If anyone is interested in getting information about next year's, send an e-mail to Christine at Chalexwrite@yahoo.com.


Vivian Zabel said...

I wish I could have been there, physically, but life didn't allow that. I'm glad our books could make the trip.

We'll see what next year brings. Perhaps we can have at least a couple of authors there.

It's a huge book festival, and our name, hopefully, became better known. Maybe we'll get a few sales as a result, too.

Cyber Dating Expert said...

It was an honor to be a part of the booth with you this year. As a first time author, it gave me the credibility that I wanted, and allowed me to meet some wonderful authors as well.

C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense said...

It is always a wonderful experience being a part of the Author's Coop and rubbing elbows with other authors. Everyone who participated (in body and spirit) helped to make our booth tops! As always, thank you to everyone for the fun time and friendship.

--Janet Goliger, Author of "I need to be SAFE: I'm worth it", C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense