Saturday, February 27, 2010

VBT - Writers on the Move March Schedule

The March VBT - Writers on the Move schedule is ready. Please visit each day possible and leave a message. Just click on the host's name to go to his or her blog.

What makes the VBT - Writers on the Move's tour so special is that members offer writing and marketing advice, tips, and information. They cover genres including children's lit, poetry, romance, suspense, and nonfiction. Come join the fun and experiences.

1st Dianne Sagan is hosting Janet Ann Collins
2nd Karen Cioffi is hosting Gary Eby
3rd Kathy Stemke is hosting Debra Eckerling
4th Lea Schizas is hosting Dana Donovan
5th Vivian Zabel is hosting Margaret Fieland
6th Nancy Famolari is hosting Heidi Thomas
7th Margaret Fieland is hosting Helena Harper
8th Elysabeth Eldering is hosting Heather Paye
9th Helena Harper is hosting Kathy Stemke
10th Carolyn Howard-Johnson is hosting Vivian Zabel
11th Gayle Trent is hosting Maggie Ball
12th Mayra Calvani is hosting Darcia Helle
13th Marvin Wilson is hosting Dianne Sagan
14th Stephen Tremp is hosting Elysabeth Eldering
15th Darcia Helle is hosting Gayle Trent
16th Martha Swirzinski is hosting Mayra Calvani
17th Heidi Thomas is hosting Dallas Woodburn
18th Dana Donovan is hosting Katie Hines
19th Dallas Woodburn is hosting Kevin McNamee
20th Debra Eckerling is hosting Martha Swirzinski
21st Heather Paye is hosting Lea Schizas
22nd Maggie Ball is hosting Marvin Wilson
23rd Kevin McNamee is hosting Nancy Famolari
24th Janet Ann Collins is hosting Stephen Tremp
25th Gary Eby is hosting Karen Cioffi
26th Katie Hines is hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson


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