Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going to Tahlequah -- Author Fest

The Eastern Oklahoma Author Fest is this weekend, October 30, at Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Going with Jacque and me will be many titles published by 4RV Publishing.

Whew, at least 42 titles have been released and more on the way. Therefore, I'm having to limit how many copies I lug with me. Yep, lots of hard work boxing the books, loading them in the van, unloading them at the festival, setting up the display (we have 2 tables this time) and unloading the boxes, and hoping people will buy books. At the end of the day, we have to rebox the books, clean up the display, load the van, and drive home. At home all the boxes go in the house, and the books, back in place.

This festival, 4RV has two new releases that will debut: Little Charley Thornpaws by Caelaach McKinna and illustrated by Ginger Nielson; and Glastonbury by Brian Porter

I'm also, selfishly, taking all my books released so far. Also titles from authors and/or illustrators who have been promoting their books, or helping us promote them, will go with us.

This will be our last festival this year. The next one scheduled is the North Texas Book Festival in Denton, Texas April 14 & 15. We'll have something like five tables there and several authors who will join us. More will be posted about that one later.

If anyone will be anywhere near north east Oklahoma Saturday, please join us at the Tahlequah Community Building, 300 W. 1st Street. I believe the event is open to the public from about 9 AM until something like 4 PM.

Come join us.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vivian. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading. By my time the event is heading towards winding down. I'm hoping that you can share with us that a LOT of the books sold, so you had hardly anything to pack up.

Fingers crossed that it has been an awesome day.