Sunday, April 10, 2011

Van is packed and ready for the NTBF

 No, we don't have any winners at the North Texas Book Festival, but 4RV Publishing will have seven (7) authors attending with books and fingers ready to sign lots of books. We have an author coming from Lousiana, two from Texas, and the rest from Oklahoma. The following authors will be attending:

Horton Deakins with his book Time Pullers, the pre-debut; Harry Gilleland with his book Aldric & Anneliese, the debut; Jacque Graham with Walking the Earth: Life's Perspectives in Poetry, which includes her poetry; Wayne Harris-Wyrick with his children's picture book Why Am I Me?, the debut; Caeleigh (Kelly) McKinna with two of her children's picture books Lion in the Living Room and Little Charley ThornpawsGaland Nuchols with her book Second Chance; and Vivian Zabel with several of her books, including her newest Stolen.

After hours of sorting through books, packing them after checking off titles on the list of 50 titles, and lugging the boxes and packing them in the van, Jacque and I are exhausted. Hopefully, we'll be rested enough by Thursday to make the trip to Denton Friday morning.

If anyone lives close enough to make the drive to Denton, Texas on April 16, please come meet with us at The Center for Visual Arts,  400 E. Hickory St. at Bell Ave.

All the preceding books can be purchased through most books stores and online suppliers, but they are also available at the 4RV Publishing Catalog.


Rena said...

I hope you have fun, Vivian. I wish I could be there. Maybe one of these years.

Susanne Drazic said...

I hope it is a very successful trip for you and all the other authors you mentioned.

4RV Publishing said...

Well, Rena, some of your books are going, and someday you'll be at a book festival with them and us. *grin*

Thanks, Susanne. The number of book festivals close enough to attend is shrinking. Ish.

The Hermit said...

Hope you will have a good time of it and lots of signing! xox

Dawn Behrens said...

I hope the day went well for you and Jacque and the others. And I hope you can get some rest after this! Dawn