Saturday, December 31, 2011

A blessed ending to a difficult year

          December 20, I went to meet an online friend traveling from the east part of the country to the west coast and back, passing through Oklahoma City on his way east. He detoured a few miles north to Edmond so we could finally meet face to face after nearly 10 years of online friendship. We even worked on a children's online magazine together.
     After a stop at the post office and grocery store, I returned home to discover Robert had caught another van on fire, the 1996 Ford with a lift that a friend gave him. At least this time he was able to contain the fire until the fire department arrived. To make a long story short, the fire inspector made arrangements to have the van fixed so that Robert would NOT work on it any more. Of course Robert had no option but to do the needed work if he were to have his van, but he should not be doing the work due to his physical problems. However, we didn't have the funds to have someone else do the work, tried that and it wasn't fixed.
    We don't know the names of the people who fixed the van, but they removed the gas tank, cleaned it, and replaced it. They replaced the fuel pump. They replaced melted tubes, hoses, and wires. They replaced the burned carpet inside. A wife or maybe more than one made curtains that don't hand loose (a fire hazard). The inside was cleaned until it looks new. The fixed and filled-with-gas van was returned last night.
     I pray that God blesses all the wonderful people that gave Robert back his van with its lift in better shape than ever.
     Yes, 2011 had many difficult times, but we also had blessings that helped us survive and let us know God still watched over us. The people who helped showed that compassion still exists.
       I hope and pray 2012 will be better for every one, but we still need the Lord's guiding hand and loving care.


Holly Jahangiri said...

I wish you knew who they were so I could thank them, too. It's good to read this, to start 2012 knowing there are truly GOOD people in the world who will look after their neighbors and ask nothing in return.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Angels are watching over you. May 2012 bring you blessings and a safe year.

4RV Publishing said...

The only name we know is Gary Dill, a major in the Edmond Fire Department. We have been blessed so often this past year, especially where Robert is concerned. I think God decided I'd make it if He took care of Robert.