Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heart Update

           I arrived at the heart hospital early yesterday, since I wasn't sure where I was to be. After the lab work was taken and the IV port inserted, I returned to the waiting area to find Randy and his three boys waiting with Robert. They stayed until after the procedure was over (except for leaving to eat). Pastor Mark came by for a short visit and a comforting prayer.
          The procedure before mine had gone quickly, and I was hurried through preparation and was in surgery over an hour earlier than expected. While the cardiologist did my procedure, we visited. He uses locals and Benedryl, so although I was "whoopee," I was conscious. He found nothing wrong. Apparently, when tested, I get a false-positive, or maybe God is extra good and cleaned up the problem first.

         The person who told me on the phone that I would be held just 2 hours after the procedure, if nothing was wrong, was wrong. I was back in the room by 4 PM and had to lie on my back for 6 hours. I was dismissed at 10 PM. Robert had gone home much earlier but said he would come back for me. We were concerned about his driving so late, and Janelle, my daughter through marriage but still my daughter, picked me up.

           I have to be a bit careful for a few day, because as one person told me, the procedure was surgery after all. However, all is well with my heart. Now to find out why the fatigue, pressure band around chest, and breathing problems.

           But my heart is in quite good shape. God is good in so many ways.


4RV Publishing said...

The morning after my procedure, I awoke with strep. Ish.

Holly Jahangiri said...

Now THAT is what I call "adding insult to injury," Vivian. I hope you and Robert are feeling better now.

4RV Publishing said...

The strep triggered massive pain in Robert, but I think the infection is under control in both of us. I'm left feeling so very tired.