Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life Never Boring -- But Could Use Less Stress

     Robert faces rather serious spinal surgery May 9. Stress for both of us, but the chance his pain will be reduced and possibly more leg movement. 

     However between now and then I have two writers' conferences, one in Texas, which means preparing my notes and handouts for the conferences, preparing books to take, making sure everything is ready for Basket Wars for the OWFI conference. Thankfully, one of my grandsons is helping me gather and box books today, and then he'll load the boxes needed for the Northeast Texas conference in my van, that he cleaned out and vacuumed already. Right now he's having lunch. Oh, his poor parents having to feed three boys. Anyway, I also have to put together all handout materials I need to take and clothes.

      Jacque Graham and I leave this Thursday, early Thursday morning April 26, for Mt. Pleasant, Texas -- a long trip. The conference is Friday and Saturday, but we're just required to be there Friday evening for the reception and then Saturday for our workshops. We leave early, early Sunday morning for home. 

     While we're gone, Saturday evening and night, our great-grandson will stay with Robert.  I couldn't go if it weren't for family close by. 

     We get back to Edmond late Sunday night, and then we leave for the OWFI (  conference on Thursday morning. At least this conference is less than an hour's drive away. However before we leave Thursday, I have to reload the van, prepare clothes to go, and hope I remember everything I need for that conference, including for Basket Wars, the silent auction to make money for scholarships for next year's conference.

     I'll get home Sunday May 6, and Robert's surgery is May 9. He'll be in the hospital a few days and then in rehab. We don't know how long he'll be gone, but I'll be there all through the surgery, which will take at least 5-6 hours, and everyday. I'm glad God's in charge.

     May 19, I'm the featured speaker at the Northern Oklahoma Literary Art Book Festival in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I'll have to go up on Friday afternoon and return late Saturday night. I'm also taking books to display at the festival for 4RV. I'm limited as to how many I can take.

     Then June 3 is the combination anniversary celebration to celebrate that Robert and I have been married 50 years, Randy and Janelle for 25, Janelle's parents for 50, and granddaughter Macayla and David for 5. Hope people show up.

      Yes, life isn't boring, but I could use less stress.





Anonymous said...

Can u please post a pic of your parents now...just them relation to your anniversary would be neat to see it next to their wedding day picture ...:)

4RV Publishing said...

My parents are dead and have been for years. Therefore I don't have a picture of them now. The anniversary and wedding day pictures are of my husband and me.