Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Reunion - Zabel-Gilbert branch

Us with our three children: Randy Zabel, Rene Farabaugh, Robert, Me, and Bob Zabel
     With our family spread all over the country, getting everyone together takes a miracle. This week we're having an almost complete family reunion. My photos aren't very good because all the pictures were taken in the dark: a dark restaurant and a dark night.

     Our son Randy and his family live close by. Our son Bob lives with his wife and one daughter in Colorado. Rene and her family (part of it) live in West Virginia..

     All together we had the following family members:

     With Rene from West Virginia - Rene and Vince Farabaugh, their son Aiden (age 6), and Rene's daughter Meena Alkordi (age 20), and Laura. Missing was Rene's son Faris Alkordi (age 21), who lives in Florida.

     Rene's branch from Yukon, Oklahoma - Macayla (Rene's oldest child) and her husband David Romines, children Kurtis (age 13), Ethan (age 10), and Haylee (age 3); Keri (next to oldest) and her husband Jarrod Smith and Katie (age 8) and Emma (age 6).

Very back - Shane, Robert holding Haylee, me with Katie in front of me, Meena holding Aiden; Front - Eithan behind Ryan (in front @ left), Kurtis in blue shirt, Keri with Emma, Colby, and Macayla
     Bob, our middle child from Colorado, had to leave his family behind. His wife Brenda had attended our anniversary celebration June 3, but she has a full plate with her job. Also daughters Elizabeth and Jennifer (and her husband Travis) weren't able to attend.

Daughter Rene with great-grandson Ethan facing her, grandson Aiden facing Ethan, Laura, granddaughters Keri and Macayla with great-granddaughter Haylee in background
     Randy, our youngest, and his wife, Janelle, and three boys live closer than anyone. Ryan, their oldest, attends the University off Tulsa. Colby and Shane are high school students.

     Tonight we're having a family picnic. Hopefully we'll be where the light is better. However, below is what I was able to get of Rene's family and Randy's.

Rene's family: Jarrod and Keri Smith (Rene's daughter) - missing their daughters Katie and Emma; David and Macayla  (daughter) with Macayla holding her daughter Haylee, Ethan in front of Macayla, and Kurtis Romines; Rene and Vince Farabaugh, Aiden in front of them, Laura (Meena's girlfriend), and Meena.

Randy's family: Shane, Colby, Ryan, Janelle, and Randy Zabel


John said...
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Breien in Lansingerland said...

Wonderful family pictures - moments to cherish.

Matt Harvath said...

Looks like a great reunion. I love family reunions. I have such a large family and we are spread out all over the country. It is the only time I get to see many of them