Wednesday, December 12, 2012

School Concert Brings Christmas Thoughts to Mind


     December 9, 2012, Robert and I attended the Christmas concert for Crossings Christian School. One of our grandson's, Colby, is one of the two young men in the High School choir. They may be outnumbered by the dozen young ladies, but they hold their own.

     We sat through the band numbers, the middle school strings and drama, the high school strings and drama, and finally, the part we waited to see and hear: the high school choir. We didn't slip in after the other groups finished, but a large number of people did leave in bunches just before the high school choir performed. Very rude.

     However, we thought the choir was the best part of the program. I just wish my little camera took better photographs. The group looked better than the picture does, and they sang very well. Last year, the choir was three girls. This year, the choir has the two guys and twelve ladies.

Close up on Colby as he sings

     For some reason, a school or church program makes Christmas official. I haven't found a way to get to church since surgery, but our son Randy drove Robert's van so we could attend Colby's concert. 

The best photo of the Crossings High School choir

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Rena and Denny said...

Lovely photos! And I agree about a church program of some kind making Christmas feel official. I haven't been to our church in ages, but was at one for Nichelle's piano recital recently. So lovely to be at church this time of year. Thanks for sharing your grandson's story, Vivian. Merry Christmas!