Friday, September 6, 2013

     I have neglected my blog for some time now. However, I've decided to improve my "blogging" behavior, at least I'll try.

     Sometime in the future my books will be found on the International Directory of Published Authors. The launch is today, but all the authors are not listed, yet. Guess I will be some day.

     The fact that the site is launched without my presence caused me to awaken to the fact I need to promote myself and my books. Therefore, I hope to add a page to this blog for my books. Now, let me see if I can remember how to add a page. Oh, my poor brain. Sometimes I need to add more cells for memory -- IF only I could. *grin*

     A personal side note: Robert nearly died the weekend of August 24-25th, yet no one would believe it to see him now. Of course, he's still not completely well since his kidneys are still not working, but he improves every day. He should be home a week from today, if all goes well, and under home health care. 

     I will have a personal update post weekly, if my memory cells will behave.

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drtaher said...

Dear Viv,

Your standing steadfast by Robert's side is something I greatly admire. Perhaps that was the reason he is recovering so nicely. I pray for him and you. Do continue to write ...