Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ooops, Name Wrong on Book Cover

First cover of my first published children's book.

     I was so excited to hold my first children's picture book in my hands.  I did check the spelling of my last name because most people misspell Zabel. I never looked at the spelling of my first name. Therefore, when someone asked me if I really spelled my name Vivan, I was shocked. My beautiful "baby" was scarred, maimed, ugly.

       I contacted the art director, who contacted the illustrator, who came up with a solution for the copies I had already bought (100). She created stickers to place on those covers. The stickers are so cute, I wish she had made the cover with those designs. Oh, well, the people who get the books with the stickers on the cover will be special because only those will have the following design:

     Don't you like the cover with the stickers? I do, and I will keep at least two copies for myself. However, once those books are gone, the covers will look like the one above, only with my name spelled correctly.

     Want a copy with the adorable stickers? Go to the 4RV Bookstore and order your copy.

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Anonymous said...

The stickers on the cover do look cute. : ) CONGRATS on your newest book.