Monday, December 22, 2008

Some brain cell help - media kit information

A media kit helps present needed materials for publicity. One can be assembled online or in a two pocket folder. One should include the following items:

1. a photograph of the author
2. reviews and summaries of books by the author and any news releases available
3. image of book cover(s)
3. a writing resumé for the author - include any writing classes, workshops, conferences attended as well as any published writings
4. a bio of the author
5. any writing awards can be listed separately or included in the resumé.

My hard copy media kit has a CD envelope (with a transparent window) on the front with a photograph. The window is facing the reader. The envelope is glued across the bottom of the envelope and about two thirds up each side. The flap can then be opened and closed so the photo can be removed and replaced.

I put my name at the top of the front of the folder, printed in large font and in blue on a strip of neatly cut paper.

In the two-pocket folder,the front (left side) pocket includes the information about the book or books, the most recent on top. In the back (right side) pocket, I place the information about me, the author, my bio on top.

My online media kit has all the needed items in one folder.

Anytime I need to provide information for media publicity, I can hand deliver or mail the kit. If the media source prefers an attachment emailed, I can attached any portions of the kit needed for that source.

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Rena said...

Mine is just about finished. Just need the books to be completed and to get the information from those. Thanks for posting this list again, Vivian. It's helpful.