Saturday, August 15, 2009

Latest news about 4RV Publishing

4RV Publishing was present at the Eastern Oklahoma AuthorFest August 8. I shared a portion of the news article that came out two days later. I'll add a few photos lower on the page

Just Breeze, a tween/young adult book by Beverly Stowe McClure, will be released in September and has an attention-grabbing cover designed by Aidana WillowRaven. Beverly's story will interest not only middle grade and teen aged girls, but anyone who remembers being Breeze's age and suffering the pangs of youth. Pre-orders will be able to be made from the 4RV web site store in a couple of days.

Eric Mathe's Tommy Turtle: Exercise is Fun! is selling like we wish all books would. His contacts resulted in extraordinary publicity, and he's making the most of it.

Best of Books, a bookstore in Edmond, can't keep copies on the shelves. To the left is Tommy in a back-to-school display. On the right, he's behind the register where everyone can't help but see him.

I promised some photos from the Eastern Oklahoma AuthorFest, so here they are. As people entered the door, the first thing they saw was the 4RV Publishing poster. Then to the left side of the front poster was the table with our books on display. Jacque Graham is behind the table in one photo.

We had many compliments about the professional look of our table. I really do like the display racks we have, makes setting up neater and easier.

Next event for 4RV is the Okahoma Department of Education's Encyclo-Media, September 17 and 18. We'll set up in the Cox Convention Center downtown Oklahoma City on Wednesday the 16th.

Also, 4RV will be represented and have several authors attending the Heartland New Day BookFest in April. Even though the book fest is a few months away, authors, illustrators, and small presses are encouraged to register because slots are going quickly.



Aidana WillowRaven said...

Thanks for the props on the cover I illustrated and designed for 'Just Breeze'.

I had so much fun with the hair! Can anybody guess how many colored pencils I used to create that color?

I also used a time honored technique, my favorite since kindergarten, scribble-scrabble ... lol.

It's no wonder 'Tommy Turtle' is doing so well, Rey Marz is an awesome illustrator.

I think all of the artists at 4RV do an amazing job. It's no wonder your displays look so amazing.

Love the updates, and thanks for sharing the pics.

Rena said...

Looks great! That's awesome Tommy Turtle is doing so well too. I see Dilly on the table there too. Yay!